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We are trainers who coach professionals as well as everyday men, women and children to be situationally aware, be cognizant of their abilities and be ready to defend themselves when moments count using stress inoculation and realistic training scenarios.

Our biggest goal is to give the individual the confidence to do what is necessary to protect one’s self, one’s home and one’s community. To do so, we focus our training in two significant ways: ensuring that each person who has taken up the right has Mastery of Skill at Arms and by hardening American Patriots with a sense of belonging and a responsibility to act when able and necessary.

Firearm ownership at the National level is on the rise. CCW1Concealed Carry Weapon Permits at the National level are rapidly increasing. For the first time in our history since the wild west we have more people armed, and only 40% of all owners have had any formal training2Universy of Washington, School of Public Health, July 24, 2017.. During the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, the use of a firearm was passed on from generation to generation. After the Vietnam War, firearms became politically undesirable in most urban and suburban areas. Training in the use of firearms waned leaving most citizens with limited opportunities for professional training. After 9/11 the interest in firearms exploded nationwide. This was not limited to civilians. Law enforcement agencies and military units began to seek out advanced training. 

That said, the civilian market is the fastest growing and the most underserved. According to the Professional Standards Department of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, there are currently over 15,000 CCW holders3CCW Approved Vendors Meeting held at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, January 16, 2018. in the county and is growing by approximately 500 licenses every month. 2018 is projected to end with over 19,000 issued licenses equating to 1% of the total population of Orange County. The National average for CCW, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center (Aug. 2017), is now up from 4.9% to 6.5% in less than one year. Orange County now tops the list in CA with the most number of permit holders.

Artemis Group, LLC owns 100% of the Artemis Defense Institute: logging over 34,125 hours4Artemis Defense Institute, since February 1st, 2013, has operated 13-hour days, with an average of 350 days/year for almost five (5) years. In this calculation, we used 1.5 instructors as an average between having 1 to four instructors on-site at any given time.  of use of force, force on force and situational awareness training to law enforcement, military personnel and civilians alike.

Artemis purchased three of the most advanced training simulators available to government agencies in 2012 through VirTra Systems. Fundamentals of defensive shooting, tactics and situational awareness while incorporating cognitive skills training along with the law became the repurposed project that Artemis is known for today. Using the immersive platforms, real weapons, actors, live fire while providing highly trained instructors, Artemis provides a comprehensive training platform that meets the needs of the newest to the most seasoned trainee. 

To date, we have trained over 20,000 individuals since 2013. Some, have continued their training on a regular basis while others enjoyed their one time visit through their corporate event. Our numbers continue to grow each month through our membership program… as well as our training opportunities available to the general public. Word of mouth advertising / referrals have been the avenue in which new comers arrive.

Our Team of Big Thinkers

Sandy Sunu-Lieberman

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Organization
Argosy University 

Academic Coaching Institute

National SMERF Sales Manager
Capstone Hospitality

Assistant General Manager
Radisson Hotel, Diamond
Bar, CA

Steven Lieberman

Doctor of Jurisprudence
Southwestern Law School

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
University of San Francisco

Founding Partner
Lieberman Taormina, LLP

Kavon Harvey

Facilities Operations and Systems Research & Development
Artemis Defense Institute

Ben Maier

Ben is a firearm and knife collector with a passion for training and honing his craft. A certified instructor and forever student, Ben has taken over 40 formal training classes across the firearm and edged weapons spectrum.

As a competition shooter, he believes that the proper introduction and right environment can turn anyone into a recreational shooter. On the business front, Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and 14 years of managing experience, which he uses to help redefine customer service within the industry.

Where It All Started

Where Our Journey Began

We officially opened the doors to Artemis Defense Institute in February of 2013. Securing the V180 & V300 technologies, we began our simulator training utilizing real guns modified with laser barrel inserts, magazines that hold carbon-dioxide cartridges for recoil, and a camera that tracks each shot by using an infrared laser pulse sent out with each trigger pull.

Artemis Defense InstituteFebruary 2013

Working With The Locals

A few months after establishing ADI, we were awarded a contract with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and subsequently the OC Probation Department. Since then, we've engaged with many of our local government and private security firms.

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WRAP Technologies

Starting in September of 2019, we began to work with WRAP to help run their demos at conferences such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and MILIPOL in Paris. At the start of 2020, WRAP hired us to create a demo package.

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Getting Off The Ground

We executed a security purchase agreement with our Series A Investors in May 2021, creating 200,000 issued and outstanding shares for our Series A Investors at $595,000. We began beta testing our immersive VR units to all members of Artemis and officially included VR training to the public in July 2021.

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Partners & Certifications

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