Orion Training System

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We’ve developed a curriculum with over 300+ years of training experience and have trained over 20,000 individuals, including military, police, & armed & unarmed civilians.

In collaboration with firearms trainers, a legal team, and law enforcement (LE) and military (MIL) agencies, we’ve created an enhanced training system that promotes consistent training.

Unlike many software developers who found a niche in firearms training, we are firearms instructors that made technology work for us.

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Virtual Reality

  • Stress Innoculation

    Orion incorporates movement into defensive techniques and tactics training to show how you react under stressful situations.

  • Networking Capabilities

    Train together, from mul tiple loca tions

  • Get All The Angles

    See potential threats from 360° including above & below.

  • Flip The Script

    The systems are developed with a modular approach to use the best technology available while making it easy to set up and use.

  • Self Awareness

    Become aware of your abilities by training on tactics & technique

Projection – Coming Soon!

  • Change Perspective

    Perspective Change Capabilities

  • Flexible Training

    Use for private one-on-one or group training

  • 4M Focused

    Manipulation, marksmanship, Movement & Mindset

  • Scalability

    No limitations on screenheight. 360 options available with Surround Screen

  • Backward Compatibility

    Scenarios Interoperability with new tools and techniques

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